Prove your humanity

When I first started using the cup, I didn’t think I would explore other brands for at least another 3 years or so – until I burnt my last one after leaving it on the stove for 20 minutes. Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise. After I broke my cup I decided to explore other brands and options, which led me to the Hello Cup.

The Hello Cup, made of medical grade plastic, came in the cutest floral box packaging and a small white canvas drawstring with ‘hello’ embroidered in white. The white coloured bag was probably not the wisest or most convenient option, albeit pretty and aesthetic.

Their cups come in 3 sizes: XS (47mm in length from rim to base) suitable for teens and virgins, S/M (49mm) recommended for most users and L (54mm), which according to their website also stands for ‘lovely’, is made for those over 35 years old who have already given birth. It’s average size, compared with a 48.5mm ‘small’ industry standard, was one of the reasons I chose the brand for my second try.

Another reason I opted for this cup is that it comes in the most gorgeous colours! Cups in size S/M come in bright orange and a poppin’ blue. One of the perks of having a coloured cup, as opposed to a clear one, is that stains won’t show over a period of time. I do have to warn you though that many cup brands go colourless for a fairly good reason. Research is still uncertain, but some brands are inclined to believe that dyes in cups could leech into your bloodstream. Despite this, I admit my art-hoe alter ego got the best of me so I was unquestionably sold on the spot.

I’ve tried the cup for 3 cycles now and I’m pretty happy with it. It goes without saying that this cup holds less flow on heavier days than a Diva Cup (53mm), but low flow days are now equally as comfortable – big yas!