Prove your humanity

Perth group Joan & the Giants are back to deliver another beautiful track as their second single, Cruel.

The band won a special place in my heart after they released their first single, Hold Me—a powerfully emotive and heart-warmingly sweet song.

This time around, they’ve created another emotive journey with a more upbeat sound. It’s a step in a slightly different direction and I’m excited to see where they go next.

Cruel is a soulful, indie-pop track that explores the notion of ‘cruel’ love with lines like ‘you’re as cruel as the devil’. The biblical allusions—repetition of ‘with God as my witness’ and the notion of the devil—work to create a deep and spiritual essence within the song.

Yet again, Grace Newton’s calming and moving vocals make the track something special. Her soft harmonies and confidently strong voice stand out against the softer instrumentals.

Each musical element works together to create an emotive and immersive, beautiful journey that I suggest you embark on.