Prove your humanity

On Thursday night, Triple J’s featured artist for the week, Spacey Jane came home to Freo for one of two sold-out shows, wrapping up their Good Grace national tour with a bang.

Jack Davies (and one Bush Chook—George) was first up to open with his powerful voice, a guitar and the occasional harmonica solo. A refreshing indie Bob Dylan of sorts, his rich, controlled vocals spoke of well-woven tales and local sites like 7-Eleven and South Beach.

Up next was the jazz fusion five-piece Izatang. Damn, did they know how to groove. From the punchy trumpet to the celestial synths, every note they played contributed to a scene of lively jazz vibes, high energy, and funk. You couldn’t help looking at them play—closed eyes, bobbing to the upbeat dynamic rhythms, Isla’s vivacious vocals—and not dance a little.

Welcomed by eager cheers, Spacey Jane kicked off the show with the mellow, but loud, Neoprene. Next, frontman Caleb’s high energy and Kieran’s colourful drumbeats continued the set with the up-tempo So You Wanna complimented by Meils’ clear-cut basslines and vocal harmonies.

A playful hair scruff from Caleb to Ashton (guitar) filled the space between the slower songs Feels Better and Balmy, and they continued on with Keep a Clean Nose. Within seconds of the next track, recent single Good Grace, the audience expressed immense excitement. After more dancing and singing along, Caleb thanked the crowd for all their love of the new song.

“It’s been overwhelming. Thanks so, so much for supporting us,” he expressed.

“You guys have been so great. Mojos was the first venue we ever played.

“A lot of bands in Perth can say the same. It’s the place we cut our teeth.”

The rest of the set was full of bangers such as the Sawteeth, Cold Feet and Feeding the Family, where Ashton’s strident guitar part carried the song slightly louder than the crowd was singing it back to him. They finished up with more grungy tunes Still Running and Thrills.

Obviously, watching Spacey Jane live was such a different experience to just listening to them on Spotify—but it was slightly more so for them than many other acts I’d seen in the past. Throughout the whole set, I felt that their laid-back narratives of adolescent experiences had robust energy specific to their live show.

Maybe it was the crowd with their waving long hair and fur-collared denim jackets, dancing along in the tight-knit, eccentrically-decorated venue mixed in with the Spacey’s jovial demeanour that made it feel special. It was a gig that left your ears ringing, but your body not too sore. Laid-back at times, but constantly full-bodied in the atmosphere.

Spacey Jane as a band and Mojos as a venue separately had an alluring vibrancy to them, so when put together, it was one thrilling show.