Prove your humanity

Freo folk singer Jack Davies and his band The Bush Chooks recently released their first EP, Cleaning the Dishes. It’s a collection of heartfelt and moving folk tracks that will become the soundtrack to your more melancholic moments, sitting on the train deep in thought while you pretend you’re in a coming-of-age movie type-moments.

Morning Coffee is the shortest song on the EP; it’s short and sweet. It’s a soft little number filled with musings and snippets of Davies’ infamous harmonica as well as somewhat sombre instrumentals.

Davies’ is more than just a witty songwriter, he exceeds as an emotive storyteller. His songs evoke memories within you that you didn’t realise you had. It almost feels like someone is reading their diary to you and you are transported to their little world, accompanied by soothing instrumentals and sweet, soft harmonies. His raw and comforting voice adds a feeling of authenticity to the track, as while it may not be the most polished vocals you’ll hear it sure sounds vulnerable and real.

Throughout their music, the band delves through themes of social issues, romantic feelings and Australiana and it’s easy to relate to something in each track. Honestly, all the tracks on the EP are worth listening too if you’re in the mood for a folk-filled soundtrack to put on during your drive.