Prove your humanity

A fan of beautiful harmonies and killer girl bands? Perth’s indie pop four-piece Dulcie will be your cup of tea. The girls released their second single, Own Ground, today, and it’s a brilliant follow up to their debut single, Fall.

Own Ground is filled with beautiful and blissful harmonies by the three vocalists in the band. The new single features beautiful arrangements, driving rhythms and is full of smooth and soft melodic layers and a fresh guitar solo around the two-minute mark, keep your ears peeled for that.

The track kicks off with Saskia Brittain’s sweet but strong vocals that will guide you through the track. There’s a clarity and confidence to her voice that makes it something special and so pleasing to listen to.

There’s a uniqueness to Dulcie in the fact that three of the four girls are vocalists and they each take turns to front the tracks. For their last track Fall, it was Ashleigh Carr-White (keys and vocals), this track is Saskia Brittain (guitar and vocals), and Timieka Denton (bass and vocals) is the band’s third vocalist. Dulcie features Madison Hanley on drums. Each vocalist adds something special to the track, taking it down a different path. It leaves the listener wondering both who and what the next track will include.

Dulcie have demonstrated a fine-tuned ability to make songs that wiggle their way into a special place in your heart and playlists. I can’t wait to see what these girls come up with next.