Prove your humanity

Taking a step away from the Perth music scene, this Beat of the Week is a dream pop track from Brisbane singer Hatchie that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

Obsessed is the latest single from Hatchie’s upcoming album, Keepsake, out June 21, and is a light-hearted and fun number about friendship. It’s a blissful loop celebrating meeting someone you admire and clinging to them for support.

Hatchie’s voice is soft and sweet against the fuzzy guitar, it’s almost muffled in the chorus, but listening makes you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. Her lyrics like ‘all my friends they cry about being lonely’ are relatable and stick in your mind. It may be a track from Hatchie’s dream world but we’ve all lived it.

Accompanying the track is a video directed by her bandmate Joe Agius—it’s a compilation of little video clips gathered throughout touring. The video is mismatched and disjointed but it feels so wholesome to watch. It’s something truly authentic and shows another side to Hatchie’s personality, as well as matches the dreamy vibe.

Follow Hatchie into her dream world with the clip.