Prove your humanity

This week’s beat of the week is the synthy and smooth track ‘Plane from Amsterdam’, by Perth coastal rockers Death by Denim. Their triple j description of the track aptly calls it “a free-falling anthem of self-reflection and discovery”, and it’s definitely the kind of song you’d put in the background of travel vlog footage. It’s fun, and there’s a joyous and hopeful sound to this single.

Picture it: you’re sleeping next to a loved one (or a few loved ones) in economic class, one of those cheap (but somehow, warm) blankets draped over the both of you, and the first thing you hear when you wake up is the seatbelt light chiming. Your pilot tells you you’re about to make your descent, and you look out a misty window at the crisp yellow dawn over your next destination. There’s something romantic about air travel that Death by Denim captures in the sound of their track; it makes me want to blow all my money on it.

On June 15, Death by Denim is beginning their Plane from Amsterdam tour at the Indian Ocean Hotel, right here in Perth.