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The legend of the possessed evil doll Annabelle, strikes again in Annabelle Comes Home, a sequel to Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle: Creation (2017). It is almost as if she is trying to remind us about the greediness of humanity. One soul is never enough, right?

The entity first set its eyes on little Judy Warren when she was just born, leading her mother Lorraine to fully commit her life to exorcise evil entities with her husband Ed.

Determined to rid the world from Annabelle for as long as possible, the paranormal investigators decide to bring the porcelain doll home with them, only to quickly realise she is a beacon for spirits and wandering souls. No fret, the Warrens always have a solution! Locked away in the couple’s artifacts room, there’s nothing a chapel’s glass cabinet cannot contain! Or is there?

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Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Lorraine and Ed Warren in this seventh instalment of The Conjuring Universe, Annabelle Comes Home. One year later, Lorraine and Ed decide to go for a short trip to investigate a case, leaving Judy (Mckenna Grace) with her baby sitter of two years, Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman). With the news revolving around the Warrens latest exorcism, Judy is feared by her classmates, leaving her alone for her upcoming birthday. While Mary is baking a cake for Judy, her uninvited and disturbed friend Daniela (Katie Sarife), decides to drop-by the Warrens place and go on a small hunt around the house and tries to get into the artifacts room. Distracting Mary and Judy, she finds the key in Ed’s working room and goes into the forbidden chamber of the Warrens’ household. Touching everything she can get her hands on, she is on the verge of giving up when no spirits respond to her. That’s when Annabelle decides to show her ‘a sign’ and being smart, Daniela opens the cabinet but accidentally leaves it unlocked.

Almost as if she is impatient, Annabelle conjures up the spirit Daniela wants to see. However, to her avail, she meets no one. Judy, on the other hand, meets a vengeful bride who tries to kill her. Thank God a cross was near her. An early birthday is celebrated, but not before Annabelle is sighted and Bob tries to woo his potential girlfriend, Mary Ellen.

Night arrives and terror sets in as Annabelle begins to summon other spirits, releasing them into the house. Forgetting to return the keys, Daniela sneaks back into the house and the door of the forbidden chamber opens for her. She is drawn into the room and once again tries to summon the spirit she wants to meet. Locked in the room with numerous spirits, what could go wrong? Annabelle visits sleeping Judy, Mary goes coins a-finding, Bob flocks with birds of a feather, and Daniela walks down the aisle.

Spoilers aside, Mary retrieves Annabelle from the creepy closet, Daniela experiences exorcism first-hand, Annabelle is contained once more, a home-coming date is found, Judy’s birthday is celebrated, and there is a gloriously happy ending! My absolute favourite!

However, on a more critical side, what were the Warrens thinking? Leaving their daughter alone when she was already attacked by that unknown entity residing in Annabelle and not bringing the keys to the artifact room with them. They didn’t even take Judy with them. At least leave her with some protection more than a cross!

Some lessons I learnt from the movie: do not touch items you are not supposed to, do not say hello if you cannot see anyone and most importantly; you’ve got to step up your game up and woo the person you are interested in.

Even though this is one of the greatest horror movies I have watched this year, I was slightly disappointed in the storyline. With too many entities unleashed, it can get slightly confusing. Sadly, the usual main characters of the series, Ed and Lorraine Warren are also rarely seen in the movie. However, I must shout as much praise as my mind and mouth can conjure up for twelve-year-old McKenna Grace. A talented young actress and a fearless child. I would most likely not function if I were given her character, even if I knew that the entities were mere props or humans. Kudos to Katie Sarife in her role as Daniela, she expressed the guilt and sorrow she suffered from amazingly well.

Overall, this is a worthwhile horror film and I would give it a 7 out of 10. There’s even a bit of humour! So, I dare you, fellow horror film fanatics, to watch this movie. Do you have the courage?

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Annabelle Comes Home is haunting Perth cinemas now!

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