Prove your humanity

Not even two decades of life under her belt and Albany born Carla Geneve writes music as if she has lived out decades. Her songs put into words what all of us feel at some point but can’t quite capture in sentence or conversation.

The sweet melancholy lyrics of her debut release, Greg’s Discount Chemist takes listeners on a journey down Fremantle’s High Street in her Doc Martins. Many locals will have experienced the pseudoephedrine smells of Greg’s after a big night down at the local stocking up on cold and flu, but it’s not just this famed lined that earned this humble tune WAM song of the year 2018/19.

Geneve captures life in stagnation and the impending wave of anxiety that is paired with it in an endearing way. Meandering through the streets of Fremantle the song talks about an unremarkable, yet relatable day. Words about the ordinary – the lyrics take on darker undertones toward the end when they spiral into the tangents of Geneve’s mind.

Daily happenings in the artist’s life resonate for listeners who empathise with loss, the fear of not living to the fullest and feeling more alienated when greeted by a familiar face than one would if the same smile had been worn on a stranger’s face.

Perhaps the reason for the song’s success is that it is not exclusive to generation, gender, class or race – instead, it’s a completely unromanticised, human take about an unextraordinary day. Or maybe it’s that the groovy melody of the song is the perfect soundtrack to escape to when our own minds wander the path of existentialism. One thing is certain, this song is an absolute tuna sandwich to blast when dancing feels like the answer.