Prove your humanity

This week’s beat comes from a Welsh friend of mine, and spiritually from the coal pits of Wales. It’s Public Service Broadcasting’s All Out, from their 2017 album Every Valley. This album was called a “poignant elegy to coalmining” by The Guardian, and the cultural impact of the industry on the Welsh people, good and bad, and features snippets of television and radio broadcasts and advertisements. An added bonus is the implied anti-Thatcher sentiment.

All Out is the second track on the album and will bring you straight to a crisp morning in one of the many working towns of the Welsh countryside. It, alongside the rest of the album, tells the story of worker hardship, the families and communities who built their lives around coal, only to be eroded.

The drums and guitar in this track are electric, irresistible and remixed atmospherically with some great recordings. This track makes for an energetic departure from the comparatively serene rest of the album, while maintaining the same spirit of tenacity through hardship that the Welsh are known for. If you’ve got a spare moment for some good, old-fashioned working-class rage, then this is the track for you.