Prove your humanity

Single Ladies––not to be confused with Beyoncé’s song––is a Western Australian made comedy series entailing two strong, confident women trying to save their controversial radio show. As radio hosts, Catherine (Megan Hollier) and Nina (Alexandra Nell) discuss the murky waters of sex and the challenges of upholding a relationship for the struggling women and couples in the modern world.

Directed by Gemma Hall, Jacqueline Pelczar and Mimi Helm, along with two talented lead actors, this local series is led by an entourage of women. A collection of six episodes running between six and eight minutes each, this short form comedy has a total of 46 minutes long––short and sweet but very funny! On air, it seems the successful duo have their lives in order offering advice and talking through the listeners’ problems; however, off-air, they’re a hot mess. Catherine has experienced several bad relationships, hence giving up on love as her dating life falls into shambles. Nina has a minor stalking issue, following Catherine around as she meets with Tinder men, afraid of losing her partner in crime. Add the show’s producer into the mix, Hashim (Jad Abid), who has an undeniable crush on Catherine, the Single Ladies crew is an eccentric, close-knit bunch of friends.

Things soon start to head downhill when they learn the conservative station owners have cancelled the show when they accidentally hear a Single Ladies segment and decide it isn’t appropriate for their radio station. Distraught and disappointed, Catherine, Nina and Hashim end up on an adventure trying to save their sex-positive show. Encountering the (potential) ghost of Nina’s ex-boyfriend, a celibacy cult and the chauvinistic misogynists replacing them, Single Ladies is one wild ride.

One of the things making this series so fun is the ambitious and spontaneous personalities of Catherine and Nina. The pair complement each other and are very supportive; their confidence and openness of broadcasting to the public what might be considered as a taboo topic, allows the audience to relate directly to their experience and emotions. Nina is adventurous––often landing in spots of trouble––with her spontaneity even leading her to hook up with Johnny the Butcher, despite being a vegetarian. Catherine is quick-witted and passionate about her career, fearing she won’t be able to save the show she starts to think about the future with dreams of having a Single Ladies segment on television during prime time.

With two sassy and sexy single ladies empowering the female gender and educating the public with their sex-pertise, what more could you want from a somewhat relatable comedy show?

Directors Jacqueline Pelczar, Mimi Helm, Gemma Hall and lead actors Megan Hollier and Alexandra Nell.

Single Ladies really hones in on female empowerment and hopefully encourages people to speak openly and positively about sexual relations, relationships and overall happiness. I think the show will appear to younger women who can relate to the modern dating life, sexual jokes and humour widespread throughout each episode. While this is probably the shortest tv series I’ve ever watched, I think the duration works effectively. In an era of Netflix and other streaming platforms it can be tiresome to find a series to watch with short episodes and maintain our heavily decreasing attention spans in a fast-moving world, so having something quick and satisfying to watch with a direct message suits our digital environment. However, at times I did find there was a lot of action-packed into each episode with some scenes merely glazed over and it would be nice for a more in-depth character and plot development.

So, if you’re interested in an upbeat, hilarious and fresh show with quirky characters then Single Ladies needs to be on your ‘to-watch list’. Whether your intimate life needs saving or you’re just up for a good laugh with your bestie an appreciation of crude humour and glass of sparkling in hand is needed for maximum enjoyment.

Single Ladies debuts July 22nd on Hyvio. To watch the entire series, visit