Prove your humanity

Study can be a taxing time if we let it⁠—late nights at the library hopped up on red-bull; dragging ourselves to the lecture theatre only to fall asleep as the tutor explains crucial exam content⁠—but what if an icy dip could help you reset your intention and break this vicious chain?

In a world where we are shrouded in comfort, we often cling to a state of content; distant from our true potential. But there is always an opportunity to challenge the status quo and change the way we exist in the world.

Illustration: Klaus Kremmerz

With semester two ready to hit, it’s a good time to reflect on your uni journey thus far and perhaps think about how you would like your life to look going forward. When we step into life beyond uni and work, we often carry forward the bad habits we have cultivated in these spaces. Finding ways to break the chain is integral to living a life of vitality and growth. What better way to break a habit than to exchange those Sunday snooze buttons and pancake stacks for a challenge to rise and feel alive?

At 7 am every Sunday a community gathers at the edge of the winter ocean before plunging into its depths as the earth greets the day. Life Coach, mentor and founder of Cold Water Club Luka Reedy says the seed for the idea was first sown during a cold-water swim of his own.

“Cold water immersion was part of my weekly ritual already, so I thought why not share this rebirth and the healing powers of the icy waters with others? There are ample benefits in cold water immersion⁠—not only for the health of the physical body but the mental space also.

“The cold water heals the body in multiple ways; it reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system and increases the metabolism, all while making you feel absolutely alive,” Luka says.

Health benefits aside, the premise of Cold Water Club is to bring like-minded souls together, to rise with the sun, challenge their mind and body and connect to a community where individuals can realise their potential together.

All through winter, the group have been united by the weekly challenge. Now the community that has risen have a mission⁠—as well as their ongoing commitment⁠—to get 100 people into the water at its coldest point of the year, September.

“Water temperatures have been surprisingly mild despite it being the dead of winter,” Luka says.

But those temperate waters, hovering around 20 degrees are about to drop a little, making it the perfect time to coax a tribe of people into the seas for Cold 100.

As a tribute to these cold-water enthusiasts’ weekly challenge, Cold Water Club is hosting an event to mark the end of winter. On September 1 at 7 am, 100 like-minded individuals will plunge into the ocean at Scarborough Amphitheatre to create an unmatched atmosphere – feeling alive together in a personal challenge.

“If the cold water isn’t quite the jolt of life your body needs, the coffee and expansive conversation afterwards will be sure to do the trick,” Luka says,

“When we push our limits and alter the stories we tell ourselves⁠—even slightly⁠—we unlock our extraordinary power. Only in the face of discomfort can we realise our true potential.”

For more information on Cold 100, click here.