Prove your humanity

Perth’s local roadside rubbish group, Verge Collection is back with a new indie rock track to blast on your next drive to work. Verge Collection continuously creates relatable and vibrant tracks and the new single, Cover It Up is another example of this.

Well versed in Australiana tunes, the band has delivered another lovable, pacey track with a mountain of energy (so much energy in fact that you can hear a guitar lead drop out during the song). It’s packed with witty and comical lyrics and it’s not hard to tell this track will be a crowd-pleaser; simply listening once it’s easy to imagine punters jumping around and singing it back to the band.

Cover It Up was uploaded to Triple J Unearthed yesterday—this actually took frontman Ben Arnold by surprise, so it’s a freshie to us all. Go show it some love and then, as Arnold recommends, “tell a significant other how you really feel about them, for better or worse”.