Prove your humanity

It’s been a bit of a hectic week on my front, so a track to unwind to seemed perfect for this week’s beat.

Bells Rapids’ You Made Me is a chilled-out number, the perfect meld of guitar pop and dreaminess. Harper’s vocals are calming and hold a power in their tenderness, while the pleading high pitched ‘try! Try!’ in the chorus adds a raw element to the song.

The alt-rock band came onto the scene in 2016 and consisted of well-loved Perth musos, Tanaya Harper (singer, songwriter and guitar), Stella Donnelly (lead guitar and backing vocals), Sara McPherson (bass) and Talya Valenti (drums). The group recorded an EP the next year, but it wasn’t released until now.

You Made Me was their first upload to Triple J Unearthed since September 2016, so it’s great to hear something fresh (although technically old) from the band, unfortunately they’re still no longer active as a group. If the rest of their EP is anything like this track, count me in as a listener.

If you’re looking for a way to mellow down this Friday, check out this tune.