Prove your humanity

This week’s beat leaves Perth and instead comes from over the water, New Zealand. Pop sensation Benee’s track Afterlife has been rolling around my brain for the last few days. It’s one of the tracks from her recently released EP, Fire on Marzz, which came out in the end of June.

I fell in love with Benee’s single, Soaked late last year and her new EP is such a sweet follow up. Afterlife is a fun and eccentric interpretation of a vivid dream Benee had. She told Thomas Bleach, “it was this weird fucked up dream that was kinda about purgatory. I ended up in this weird afterlife because this girl killed me for no reason, and I was running around and I wasn’t meant to be there so everyone was questioning me.”

Afterlife is a light and fun, yet sassy and badass revenge track all about a girl that killed her in her dream—it’s almost comical if you ask me. The tune is groovy and laid back with dark and cynical lyrics that you’ll find yourself falling in love with. A great example of that is “in this afterlife, I will prove that you’re ugly and make your new boyfriend love me till there is no one above me”.

The rest of Fire on Marzz is full of genre-bending, quality tunes—I found I enjoyed every track and they’ve all been on repeat. Benee is definitely one to watch.