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Ah, the joys of summer, when Perth gets upwards of forty degrees Celsius and everyone rushes to the beaches every day to cool off. For some, this can limit their surfing ability because the waters just packed with waiting surfers. This is why I’ve come to help you out with my top 5 places to surf.

#5 – Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is an absolutely stunning beach, surrounded by a groin which protects surfers from huge swells. This leaves the beach with typically smaller waves, Ideal for those who are learning and want to make a start surfing. The beach is also surrounded by coffee shops, hotels, surf shops and more, making it a really fun day trip. The beach, however, can get packed during summer, as it is a fairly well-known tourist attraction.

Source: Destination Perth.

#4 – Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is one of the best places to go to in summer, it’s cooler than Perth due to its location offshore and is typically a small local location for most of the year. As seen in the map below, the most common place for tourists is Thompson bay. This is both due to it being the easiest to get to, but also that the pub is just on the shore. In order to get the best surf (of which all bays have decent breaks), there are two I would suggest. The first is Parker Point. This requires a dingy or way of getting to the break due to coral, but it’s a consistent surf that is incredible to try, however, be sure to have some experience first as this is a hard break for beginners. The second location is Strickland bay, which is between Salmon and Cape Vlamingh. This is one of the quietest spots of Rottnest, making it serene and a lovely place for a surf. You can get to Rottnest on a ferry, however, the best way would be via personal boat.

Source: Look At WA.

#3 – Yallingup

Yallingup is possibly the best break on this list, however, because it’s only for advanced surfers I have to place it in third. As you can see, the breaks are absolutely stunning holding clear, sided breaks with no smashers. This is possibly the best surf in WA, however, it is also about three hours drive down south. However, if you want to go on a surfing trip, this is a must. It’s a secluded neighbourhood with an incredible atmosphere. Keep a note that it also will hold you under the water for longer, so you must be fit enough. If you dare, I’d check it out.

Photo by CoastalWatch.

#2 – Trigg Beach

Located just north of Scarborough beach, Trigg is a stunning surf and one of the best places to learn. I began surfing here, riding the white-water wash into shore as the break is a very safe distance out, making it great to begin your journey carving sweet waves. As the photo denotes, the waves are smaller then other places but have a good shape and a clear shoulder, making it a really good place to jump to if you just want to quickly have some fun. It’s not as popular as Scarborough or Cottesloe, which is why it makes the number two slot.

Source: Primary Thinking.

#1 – Mettam’s Pool

Mettam’s Pool is my surfing groups little secret, but once I learned about it I felt I had to share it. As seen below, it’s an incredibly dangerous spot. There’s reef all around, meaning there is only a thin channel to enter, and if you stray too far you could be knocked unconscious. In saying that, the waves are the best I’ve ever seen, and I have learned to ride green waves because of it. It’s incredible speed and power make it great to ride safely into shore and can be a great experience. During summer, the waves get very small and are also a great place to snorkel as the water becomes very clear.


Source: Howies Scuba.


I hope that you get the time to check out these locations this summer if you’re interested in surfing. Remember, these aren’t great places to simply lounge around, so only go to these places for the surf. Always wear sunscreen and wear protective gear as summer can get extremely hot. Surf with a partner or group, never alone.

If you want to begin surfing, check Cottesloe surfing school out. They supply surfboards so you don’t have to waste your money!