Prove your humanity

Ever since I discovered their single, Hold Me earlier this year, Perth four-piece Joan & the Giants have been on my ‘acts to keep an eye on’ mental list.

The group is back with a new track, Wolves—a step in a darker direction compared to their previous singles. It is a haunting and slower number from the band and shows a change in musical theme, featuring samples of wolves howling and hurricane wind sounds throughout the track. It’s leading into an EP that they will release in mid-November, and I’m excited to see the themes they’ll explore and the direction the tracks will take.

Joan & the Giants singer, Grace Newton’s deep and powerful voice is the centrepiece of this track yet again. She immediately commands attention and keeps you captivated throughout the track.

Grace told Pilerats writing the track was a form of escapism from an emotionally abusive place. “Our main hope for this song is that it brings that same sense of healing to whoever listens to it,” she said.

Catch the band at their joint single launch with Good Grace on September 5 at Mojos.

Add Joan & the Giants to your mental list and check out Wolves.