Prove your humanity

Saturday (August 24th) saw Carla Geneve’s final show on her debut self-titled EP national tour, and where better to have it than a sold-out Mojos?

First on stage was singer-songwriter Leah Grant, filling in for Siobhan Cotchin who was sick on the night. Greeted by a sizeable crowd and soft cheers, she gave the room an honest performance of her pensive songs like new release Sirens and a soulful cover of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock.

Airline Food were up next, delivering quite a change of pace with their upbeat indie-psych tunes like their newest release, Find Yourself Tonight and absolute bop They Wouldn’t Want to Know. Dressed in their signature white turtlenecks, they got the crowd dancing between smooth celestial chords and plucky riffs.

Throughout both of the opening acts’ performances, it was heartwarming to see Carla wandering around the tightly packed venue—watching, greeting friends and having an active role not only as a performer but as an audience member too.

Soon after, Carla Geneve was up. Met by excited cheers from a crowd packed like sardines, she and her band—Harry Johnston (bass) and Airline Food’s Jack Seah (drums)—slid onto the set with the gritty tones of the EP’s first song Empty Stomach. She continued with Things Change and Yesterday’s Clothes, a song about guilt and love, forged during the solitary drives between Perth and her hometown Albany. Through candid storytelling, a clear voice and entrancing guitar shreds, she gave the audience a wonderful show including Juliette, a few unreleased songs and the EP’s most recognizable track, 2001. Each song seemed to radiate a sense of comfortable familiarity with the audience.

I thoroughly enjoy Carla’s skill as a musician to use quirky details and heartfelt topics to construct sincere, relatable narratives. A personal highlight was her performance of the recent winner of WAM’s Song of the Year, 2018 single Greg’s Discount Chemist, which had everyone in the crowd singing in unison about isolation, longing, and Codral Cold and Flu. It was a special moment.

Towards the end of the set, Carla sang a few more tunes and a moving song about being female in the music industry, walking off soon after.

“Encores are so awkward. Seriously though, thank you so fucking much.”

She finished the set on a sentimental note with an alluring solo performance of I Hate You (For Making Me Not Want To Leave The City).

Honesty, attitude and resonant lyricism—just a few qualities of Carla Geneve’s work that make her such a well-loved musician.

With a prestigious award and a US tour with San Cisco behind her, the future looks bright for this country rocker. She’s touring nationally with Holy Holy from September to November, so keep your eye out for her.