Prove your humanity

Next year’s Queer Officer, already elected unopposed, is Bry Jagoe. Jagoe has been a Social Work student since 2017 and has plans to do Honours and then a postgraduate degree in Sexology. Having a keen interest in peer support and queer rights, Jagoe wants to create an environment of safety and support.

“I have a huge interest in community engagement and feel that queer community is so important to keeping each other safe, especially in this period of invigorated queerphobia in the media,” they say.

Having been predominantly a part of the Queer Department at Guild, Jagoe knows how difficult it can be for members of the queer community and wanted to step up for them.

“It was time for me to do my part in helping the Department be the best it can be!”

In order to build this safe haven and continue the department’s values, Jagoe wants to advocate for all-gender bathrooms to ensure that “trans and gender divergent students at Curtin can use the bathroom in peace”. Additionally, they want to place a priority on events and activities that engage with the community to promote gender and queer rights.

“Peer education about sex, gender, and queer rights, community engagement including activities and events, and advocating for your rights and safety across campus,” they said.

Jagoe would like students to know that the Queer Department is a space that welcomes anyone experiencing any kind of struggle. Whether you want to chat or just have a moment of peace.

“The Queer Department is open 9-4pm, Monday to Friday, and is always available as a space for safety, relaxation, and community.”

This is the kind of community and safety that is at the heart of what Bry Jagoe wants to achieve next year.


Note: Bry Jagoe has no political affiliations. Election polls are open from 16 September 2019 at 10 am to 19 September 2019. For more information on Guild Candidates visit the Guild website.