Prove your humanity

Searching for new tunes, I turned away from the usual indie rock flowing through my earphones and stumbled across a new track from Freo producer, TESSELLATE. Tessellate usually reminds me of Alt-J (I mean how could it not? That track is a classic), but now it’s got a new meaning in my mental log.

The Same is TESSELLATE, also known as Harry Tesser, latest track, he also has an EP which he released earlier this year. If his producer name is a pun, it sure is a great one.

The track features calming vocals from Harry that are accompanied well by the layers of production. The transitions and build-ups within the track are strong but not in your face.

He says his inspirations are Golden Features and Cassions among a few, and I can definitely hear the inspiration from Rufus Du Sol on this track. With this in mind, he still has his own obvious twist and elements in there. The Same is a delicate and smooth number that will have you bopping your head along as you put it on repeat.

I’m definitely keen to see what else is to come from TESSELLATE. He’s also a DJ, so maybe we can all catch him at his next set sometime.