Prove your humanity

Once Friday rolls around, some students will want to go into the city for a night out. Others will be stuck at home, deep into their study. For some, though, spending the night surrounded by friends and enjoying the hilarity of tabletop games is where they want to be.

A relatively new club, Curtin Tabletop launched in the second semester of 2017, headed by outgoing President Sam Bray who wanted to create a space where students from all forms of study could come and enjoy their games together.

“There were a lot of individual groups [chemistry, computing, engineering] that didn’t really have any common ground to share their interests,” Bray says.

“I wanted to make a place for those people and give them the materials and resources they needed to participate and have fun with all different games.”

A collection that has accumulated over two years, Tabletop encourages old and new players to come and play.

Having grown to over 500 lifetime members over the two years since the club launched, Tabletop now sees two classrooms’ worth of tables filled every session as students pick from the dozens of games provided by the club.

While Bray initially started the club to bring all these different groups together, he says he is proud of the community he has created and hopes that events like Roll Out, a club special event that focussed around Dungeons and Dragons, will become more commonplace in the future.

“We are always looking to make it more accessible for new people, make it even better for the older folk,” he says.

“We had 103 people turn up to the first event, we had 19 tables across four different rooms, and it was beautiful to see so many people come together and play Dungeons and Dragons as a lot of those people had never played before.”

This is an attitude the club has tried to cultivate over time among its members, encouraging players of all skill levels to get involved with games they are either experts in or that they simply want to try out, as members welcome anyone who walks into the club.

This has also led to some groups coming together and forming massive friendship groups to continue their games from Tabletop outside of the sessions, using platforms like Discord and other apps to do so.

Having worked together on the club committee, Sam Bray (left) believes Kai Ciccarelli (right) is the right person to take over the reins at the club in 2020. Photo: Tim Maslin-Davies

Incoming President Kai Ciccarelli, who starts her tenancy at the beginning of 2020, wants to continue the groundwork that Bray has started, and grow the incentives available to the official members of the club to help further drive the passion and sense of community at the club.

“I’d like to continue keeping our member-only events at such a high quality,” she says.

“The games nights are free to anyone, you don’t have to be a member, but we do host members-only events [like Roll Out] and I’d love to have more of a reward for our members.”

Curtin Tabletop meets on campus every Friday from 6pm to 10pm in Building 300.

For more information on Curtin Tabletop, you can find them at