Prove your humanity

That’s it folks, another election is done and dusted. You are once again safe to roam the walkways of Curtin without fear of flyers, eye contact or candidates fighting for undivided attention (and your vote).

Walking from the Atkinson Forum to the Vege Patch on the last day of polling, the campus felt still, like there was something absent; the buzz of democracy perhaps. While the missing presence on campus could be a result of the tempered behaviour of candidates (in comparison to previous elections), the student community seemed especially disenfranchised this year.

Whether it be the never ending posts on Confessions at Curtin¸ the dismissal of candidates’ attempts to make conversation or the general avoidance of all common areas, many students seemed especially disinterested in student politics last week. Even though there are around 31,000 students enrolled at Curtin’s Bentley campus, only 1223 ballot papers were issued (not including replacement and provisional ballot papers).

While I understand the inconvenience and discomfort of feeling pestered as you’re trying to walk to class, the majority of our candidates are genuinely passionate about representing your interests, and so the importance of being respectful should not be understated.

As the Guild’s current president, Finlay Nolan, expressed after her uncontested victory last year, “Without a strong Guild that is dedicated to fighting for the best outcomes for students, the university and the government would have free reign to do whatever they want without consequence, and the unfortunate reality is that money takes priority over student welfare and high-quality education the majority of the time”.

The Curtin Student Guild is your representation on campus; the students who have been elected will work over the next year to tirelessly advocate for your needs and interests, many of them will be balancing this with their own studies. They will work late hours and on weekends, often without recognition. And while a position with the Guild may look good on a resume, ultimately, our Guildies just want to fight for the rights of all students.

So here they are, your student representatives:

Guild President: Hana Arai (Illuminate)

Vice President – Education: Chris Hall (Illuminate)

Vice President – Activities: Bridge Truell (Illuminate)

Business and Law Faculty Representative: Jesse Naylor Zambrano (Illuminate)

Science and Engineering Faculty Representative: Fatma Sehic (Illuminate)

Health Science Faculty Representative: Jeru Sundar (Illuminate)

Humanities Faculty Representative: Connie Martelli (Illuminate)

International Student Committee President: Amelia Nguyen (Illuminate)

Postgraduate Students Committee President: May Majimbi (Illuminate)

Queer Officer: Bry Jagoe (Illuminate)

Woman’s Officer: Star Castillo (Illuminate)

Indigenous Officer: Cheyenne Conway (Illuminate)

Accessibility Officer: Dylan Botica (Illuminate)


Non-Office Bearing Positions

NUS Delegates

Michael Farrell (Illuminate)

Hana Arai (Illuminate)

Chris Hall (Illuminate)

Jesse Naylor Zambrano (Illuminate)

Connie Martelli (Illuminate)

Erin Russell (Left Action)

Christopher Macfarlane (Left Action)

Ordinary Representation Board

Erin Russell (Left Action)

Lucy Rohl (Illuminate)

Luke Gibson (Revive)

Clare Metcalf (Illuminate)

Ben Grassi (Illuminate)

Alexandra Pannell (Illuminate)

Guild Councillors

Fatma Sehic (Illuminate)

Luke Brosnan (The Luke Party)

Jesse Naylor Zambrano (Illuminate)

Claire Almeida (Illuminate)

Chris Grant (Left Action)

Jason Kim (Illuminate)