Prove your humanity

Thanks to the lovely recommendation from another Grok writer, this Friday’s beat of the week is Juxebox Moneypants’ debut single, Lemon Tree. It’s a funky indie-pop electronic track written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicholas Scafetta aka Juxebox Moneypants.

Lemon Tree is a nostalgic number full of reflective lyrics and funky beats. The cryptic lyrics make you ponder and try to figure out what the lemon tree metaphor is about. I particularly like ‘sour tasting to the tongue / but at least it’s retrospective closure (for me)’. Another thing I’m pondering is, where does a name like Jukebox Moneypants come from?

Scafetta’s vocals are soft and sweet and match the production of the track well. Overall, it’s a subtly fun track with bright and fun transitions, synths and electro beats.

It’s a quirky electro track that leaves me intrigued to see what Scafetta comes up with next. He has a new song out next month called Pleasure Pursuit, so I’ll definitely have to check back in on that track.

Give it a listen and check out our previous beat of the weeks in our playlist!