Prove your humanity

“This is the biggest headline crowd we’ve ever played to.”

On Friday night, Spacey Jane visited Freo.Social with another sold-out show at the tail end of their national Good For You tour, filled with electrifying energy all around.

Nika Mo welcomed the pre-show crowd to the venue with looped vocal harmonies and a soft demeanour, including original melancholy folk tracks like Exist and Divination.

Photo: Kenith Png

Singer-songwriter Siobhan Cotchin and her band were up next, addressing a sizeable crowd with expressive original tunes and a very country cover of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Cheers, hands in the air and the odd square dance met her upbeat songs.

Photo: Kenith Png

Spacey Jane entered just after 10.30pm with Neoprene and Cold Feet, greeting the crowd’s ecstatic cheers with lively movements and a word from lead singer Caleb Harper.

“Thanks for coming out tonight. It’s good to be home.”

Strumming, drumming and owning the stage, they continued with So You Wanna, Balmy and Feels Better. I enjoyed how the crowd interacted with Spacey’s tales of insecurities, attitude and nostalgia in such an honest way.

Photo: Kenith Png

Keep A Clean Nose was next, with the growl of lead guitarist Ashton Le Cornu’s grainy guitar licks, Kieran Lama’s drumbeats and new bassist Peppa Lane’s vocal harmonies enriching the set. Frontman Harper then took a moment to acknowledge Lane between booming encouragement from the crowd.

“This is Peppa’s fourteenth show with Spacey Jane but her first show in Perth,” he said.

“Thank you so much for coming out and making this very, very special for us.”

Photo: Kenith Png

After announcing an upcoming album expected next year, the band played unreleased song Head Cold to the hundreds in the crowd, who grooved along with a spirited vigour.

The audience next sang along to Feeding the Family’s distinctly chatty guitar riff, with the fiery Papava and open-hearted Sawteeth following suit.

“If you have people that you love, make sure you hang on to them very closely,” Harper expressed in his next address, before a back-to-back run of the group’s two 2019 singles Good Grief and Good For You—noticeable crowd favourites.

Photo: Kenith Png

Wrapping up the set with an encore of 2017 headbangers Still Running and Thrills, Harper jumped into the pit to meet the hands and cheers of the front rows, leaving the fairly buzzed audience in their denim and primary-coloured turtlenecks beaming.

Of course, in a crowd of 700-odd at a licenced venue, you get a few tipsy folks unintentionally bumping into people, but it all seemed controlled enough not to be an issue. Despite the main area being chockas, there was enough room towards the venue’s outskirts for it to feel spacious and for people to enjoy the set.

Photo: Kenith Png

There’s often so much fervour at a Spacey Jane gig, and this night was no exception. Between crisp acoustics, animated strides and engaging shreds, the local four-piece clearly gave the audience an enticing show.