Prove your humanity

Mosquito Coast released their debut album, Kisses, today—a visceral journey through tales of love and romantic feelings. This Type of Love is the first track on the album and definitely makes the list as one of my favourites from the dreamy experience.

The track is everything you could want from a dream pop song; it’s slow, soft and melodic. It’s the type of song I’d imagine someone playing through their earphones while they stare out a car window or wrote in their diary in a coming-of-age movie.

Naomi Robinson’s vocals are smooth and comforting accompanied by sweet harmonies, and the backing instrumentals make you feel as if you’re drifting through the air atop a cloud. It’s the type of dreamy music that reminds me a little of Beach House.

This Type of Love marks the beginning of an exploration of intimacy throughout Kisses. The rest of the album is strategically woven together, each song complimenting the previous. If you’re looking for a soft and sweet look at ‘crushing and worrying about reciprocity, heartbreak, guilt and learning to accept the fleetingness of some romances’ then this album is the one for you.