Prove your humanity

In anticipation of their debut Falls Festival in Fremantle, Oli, one of two brothers from Sydney indie-rock duo Lime Cordiale, had a chat with Grok about signing with Post Malone, their new single and the WA music scene.


You’re currently on your biggest ever Aussie tour, with over 20 dates across the country. How’s that been?

It’s been great. I think it started at 20 and now it’s kind of grown to 30 or 40. We just keep adding them, which is pretty lovely. We’re pretty used to coming to Perth and going to Adelaide and places like that. Sydney and Melbourne go well but we’re doing these really great and beautiful venues all over.


You’ve played big festivals like Grooving the Moo and South by South West, and there’s a few other’s you’re doing soon. How does the experience compare to when you’re doing your own shows? 

The main thing is when you’re doing your own shows, you’re playing for people who have bought tickets just to see you. You’re feeling pretty comfortable, whereas when you’re doing festivals, you’re like, ‘Does anyone know who the hell we are and is anyone even keen?’ You have to win people over. That’s all part of the fun and part of the reward if it all goes well afterwards. It also feels great to be on a lineup with heaps of other great artists.


What are you looking forward to at Falls Festival?

Being able to do the same thing twice and hang out with the same bands on that lineup will be pretty nice. We’re doing it in Victoria as well, then a few days later, flying over and doing it at the WA one. It’s just right at that holiday season as well. I think Fremantle is always fun. I’m pretty keen to be there over that New Year’s period.


I haven’t been to any music festivals outside of Perth, but I do know Freo has quite a distinct identity and Falls definitely goes off.

Yeah, with a population smaller than most big cities in Australia, there’s so much good quality music coming out of Freo and around that area of WA. Even down south towards Margaret River and all that. They’re obviously people with crazy music taste and really good talent as well. The percentage of good bands there, man, it’s almost intimidating going over there. Everyone loves music and everyone’s good at music there. So, you can tell that the whole crowd’s going to be having a really good time.


Speaking of good music, your new single Robbery has been received very well across the country, reaching number one at Triple J’s most played songs. What inspired the track?

It’s a song that we wrote pretty quickly over a day really. Then we worked on the production side of things for ages because we wanted it to have this old-school Motown thing, but modernize it with some synth. It feels like a simple song, but it also feels kind of dirty as well. There’s something about the main lyric, ‘Hey, there’s been a robbery!’ which feels different for us. We were kind of nervous about putting it out, but it’s great, it’s been received well. It’s one of those ones where it’s easy to yell live so I think it goes down well at all of our shows, even though it’s our newest song.


You’ve recently signed a record deal with Post Malone and his manager Dre London. How did that come about and what does that mean for the band going forward?

It’s pretty strange. This huge hip-hop artist signing this small Australian band. We’ve been trying to get over to the States and do stuff over there. It’s great having someone who’s number one in the States everywhere to give you a bit of a push and to help. At the end of the day, they love the music before anything, which is really nice. They discovered the music first before they knew our stats or even where we were from. It was just someone backstage in Brisbane that showed them a song and they got onto us. We’ve been over there. We’ve done a few shows with them. It feels pretty good.


I saw the Instagram post – you guys were playing beer pong with Post Malone.

Someone backstage in Brisbane showed him our music, and then I woke up with an Instagram message and it was just like, ‘Oh, Post Malone’s manager wants to get on with you,’ and I just thought it was bullshit, but we contacted them and ended up going to lunch with them, then going to shows. We went to three stadium shows in Sydney, which was pretty hectic, but I guess that’s the venue they do. Crazy experience, being at shows that big, even just seeing how the backstage works, let alone, being amongst the posse. Postey just drinks and smokes joints and plays beer pong before heading out in front of 20,000 people. I don’t know how you can be that relaxed but there’s a good amount of confidence there for sure. The hip-hop industry works in a heaps different way to just being in a rock band, so it’s interesting to see how their minds think. They take things differently and see things from different angles. You can think out of the box heaps more which is really cool.


What I like about your music is how it takes inspiration from different genres. For example, you have your indie-rock background, but a brass section as well. Could you expand on that?

We all either studied jazz or classical music. I’m a clarinet player and Louis’ a trumpet player. We got a lot of that inspiration from world music, jazz and classical. We’re always trying to incorporate that. I definitely like the idea of playing traditional instruments and then fucking them up. So, it’s like, record a clarinet and then what does that sound like when put it through some pedals and just muck around with that sound? You’ve got the brass as well, just layering that up with synths and that sort of thing. I feel like that is a sound we like to explore now instead of just stock standard guitar, bass and drums.


Well, thank you very much for having a chat, Oli. I’ll see you at Falls.

Oh, hell yeah. It’s going to be fun.


Lime Cordiale will be playing Falls Festival at Lorne on December 31st and Fremantle on January 4th.