Prove your humanity

Simple yet beautiful, growing pains is the latest track by Perth (now Canberra-based) artist Yasmine Hosseini. Yasmine creates dreamy indie music that is filled with authentic and honest storytelling.

This track struck a chord with me and perhaps it’s because I just watched a coming of age movie and this is a coming of age song, but I find myself hitting the replay button again and again. Calming and raw, the lofi acoustic tune is something you’ll find yourself going back to for more.

Growing pains is like a walk through Yasmine’s mind or listening to the pages of her diary. It’s a self-aware and intimate bedroom indie pop number that critically reflects on the process of going through life and existential dread about what is to come.

Yasmine also created a video clip for the track and it’s a perfect, nostalgic fit—mismatched snippets of people, places and things from her life so far.