Prove your humanity

Known in the local music scene for her alluring vocals, singer-songwriter Stacey Ann puts her emotive sounds on display with debut single She.

It’s an elegant track with strong instrumentals and confident melodies—where strings, keys, drums and vocals weave together to form an intimate indie-folk piece.

Speaking to RTRFM, Stacey said she was inspired to write the song by the idea of being in awe of a person, whether romantic or platonic.

“[It’s about] that connection you have with someone where you look into their eyes and see the ocean. That’s basically what She is about. It’s just looking into the deep blue sea and going ‘this is you’.”

With beautiful storytelling and lyricism, Stacey looks to the likes of Florence + The Machine and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks for inspiration. I can definitely hear the echoes of their sincere and down-to-earth tones in She.

As an unapologetic Florence fan, I recommend this tune.