Prove your humanity

Exams are over! It’s finally time to go on that long-awaited road trip, hit the beach, or … clock up those work hours. Such is life. If you’re doing the either of the first two, I can recommend this jauntily-presented indie-rock tune from local trio Ghost Care—Home Run.

Released last month as the second track on their upcoming EP, Home Run has a catchy sound, with tight drumbeats, funky riffs and sharp vocals from front man Beau Torrance, accompanied by the silken voice of bassist Tanaya Harper.

The first line, “He used to write your name on the back of his arm sometimes,” sets the song up for this cute, wholesome love story which certainly suits the song’s tone. However, after the first chorus, the track’s lyrics unfold into something a bit darker—a breezy track with many shades of nostalgia.

Regardless, I’ve had Home Run low-key stuck in my head since seeing Ghost Care live on Saturday, and it might get in your head too.