Prove your humanity

With a WAM Award and a J Award nomination under the belt, local indie-garage four-piece Spacey Jane played their largest-ever sold-out show at the beginning of their Head Cold national tour on Saturday the 23rd.

As the afternoon faded into the night, local trio Ghost Care welcomed a light crowd to Fremantle Arts Centre’s lush garden with breezy indie-rock tunes like State of Mind and snappy riffs from latest release Home Run.

Next up was six-piece folk group Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks playing to a tame crowd sitting on the grass. Scores of cute groups filled the space. Watching, swaying and smiling at Jack’s wholesome storytelling—a pastiche of Fremantle adventures, intimate moments at 7-Eleven and some sobering tunes about relationships and politics.

Having only seen Jack previously as a solo piece, it was my first time seeing the whole band live. The violin and ethereal electric guitar riffs with acoustic pieces and harmonies painted a lovely picture. In the crowd, I couldn’t help laughing at a guy’s Emu Export shirt.

Like clockwork, the now hundreds in the sitting audience got up to mosh, waiting for the headline act.

As cobalt lights lit up the stage, Spacey Jane entered the scene through thick smoke with Thrills and Balmy—the standing crowd instantly recognising their fast-paced and crunchy guitar riffs. Following suit were relatively slow songs Neoprene, Feels Better and newest single Head Cold.

There is no doubt that Spacey is consistent in the quality of their live shows, always getting a crowd going with their vibrant live sets, especially Ashton Le Cornu (guitar) and Caleb Harper’s (guitar, vocals) strides around the stage. In some instances, Le Cornu is jumping a metre or so into the air mid-riff. I could see why they won WAM’s Most Popular Live Act this year.

I’m just nitpicking, but amongst the jumps and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moves, it sounded like Le Cornu played a few wrong notes during one of the songs. However, it didn’t get in the way of a spectacular show and I don’t think anyone actually noticed.

Feeding the Family, Sawteeth, and crowd favourite Still Running—featuring particularly dynamic lights amidst the hundreds of moshers—continued the set. They were followed by 2019 singles Good Grief and Good For You, the latter featuring bassist Peppa Lane’s bright backup vocals and thick basslines.

Some new numbers included an unreleased single, and a cover of American indie rock piece Car Seat Headrest Fill in the Blank during the encore, both songs pleasantly surprising the loudly-cheering audience.

I liked the feeling of inclusivity at the venue. The garden was a spacious venue, with lush greenery in the open air. A man in a wheelchair and a woman with crutches at the back of the crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Towards the end of the set, Harper took a moment to thank everyone for coming, especially the parents accompanying the under 18s.

“I still can’t get my head around how many of you there are. It’s nuts. Thanks for spending this Saturday night with us,” he said.

Finishing up the hour-long set, the Freo four-piece departed with Cold Feet, another rocky song coupled with nostalgia and emotion. As they left, the crowd let out a great cheer with claps and raised hands.

Sweaty, comforting and resonant—Spacey Jane delivered yet another stunning show.