Prove your humanity

This week’s beat is a misty new-wave number from local band Ah Trees.

Released in April by the five-piece group, the track’s reverb-heavy melodies, syncopated drumbeats and razor-sharp guitar riffs produce a dreamy allure reminiscent of late ‘80s sounds from U2 and Slowdive.

With swirly riffs and subtle synths, the track feels lively—it’s both atmospheric and chilly while having the energy of a retro dance tune. While Ah Trees’ post-punk and new-wave influences take a front seat in the song, I can’t help likening them to grimy sounds and full-bodied numbers from the more contemporary British alt-rock piece Foals.

It looks like Shark Bait is their only release for the year, off the back of 2018 tracks How Long Must We Wait and Nomads & Pilgrims, which showcase the nostalgically edgy aesthetic consistent in their music.

They’ve played a few live shows in 2019, and I’d love to see them around in the new year.