Prove your humanity

With temperatures hitting above 40°C, we’re at the tail end of a very hot summer week. Appropriately, this week’s pick is a red-hot track—SUPEREGO’s Last Tango, featuring Perth rapper Cruz Patterson.

Released in late August by the Freo hip-hop group, the track is ripe with all sorts of experimentation hailing from rock, jazz and electronica, presented with gripping ferocity.

Listening to Last Tango among other SUPEREGO tracks, I can’t help hearing echoes of the Gorillaz and Death Grips in their nuanced, in-your-face pastiche of sounds. I would think it difficult, blending so many styles together into such a confident track.

With distorted guitars and biting rap vocals, Last Tango is a song that touches on ideas of excitement and fear relating to big decisions in life.

Much of SUPEREGO’s music is concerned with social issues and in a similar vein, the five-piece played a show with fellow local acts Noah Dillon, Dulcie and Fraeya last night to raise money for fire relief in the eastern states.

A mix of thoughtful subject matter and hard-hitting instrumentals, it’s a fitting hype song for your week.