Prove your humanity

“You, me and the cock ring” is certainly not a phrase one hears very often, but in House of Casa Blah Blah, it fits. So does the man in the electric blue suit, with glasses fit for Elton John’s collection. This is the kind of folk and conversation you’ll find in the House of Casa Blah Blah.

Boom Boom in the House of Casa Blah Blah was certainly something to behold. It was crazy as hell and absolutely wild; there was never a dull moment. Set in the Rechabite, a new performance space in Perth, the intimate hall blurred the line between performer and onlooker as the audience got up close and personal with the show. The performance was spread across two stages, a smaller circular platform that most of the audience was centred around and a larger rectangular stage at the front of the theatre. Having two spaces to perform on added dynamism to the show and aided the continuation between acts, filling the gaps with comedic stints that had the whole room laughing.

What stood out to me before Boom Boom had even begun, were the costumes. Neon bikinis, silver sparkly fishnets, a pink pinstripe suit and clown frills adorned the cast members, their costumes varying between the group. They were eye-catching, chic and vibrant, revealing plenty of skin to keep the audience intrigued as to what was about to come. A particular favourite of mine, was the bubble gum pink and baby blue fur jacket that almost consumed one of the girls paired with white gogo boots that were just exuding Austin Powers vibes.

Boom Boom in the House of Casa Blah Blah was a hybrid of cabaret and circus, with a hefty amount of spice thrown in for good measure. Defying death, the performers tumbled and twisted their way through the show to deliver one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time. It was a cracking show produced by entertainment company, Strut & Fret. After seeing a few of their productions in earlier years, I knew that this one would be nothing less than the best, again.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Boom Boom was how evident it was that the performers were having a ball onstage. They were having a great time, while providing one for the audience. Being such a cheeky and lively show, how could you not be having a blast while performing it?

The production featured a large variety of acts, including trapeze, hoops, straps, slacklining, hip-hop, roller skating, singing – oh, and plenty of clowning around. Many jaws were dropped throughout as the performers managed to balance on chairs while standing on a slackline, tumble through the air attached only by straps to the roof, jump rope at spectacular speeds and spin eight hoops around their body at one time—eight hoops, guys.

The calibre of the performers was exceptional, they were professional while keeping it fun, executing routines that were not for the faint-hearted or conservative.

There was a beautiful moment as two performers twirled through the air, silhouetted by the blue beams of light streaming across the theatre. Their bodies, long and lithe, seemed to float effortlessly through the space as they moved in sync with each other. It was ethereal.

The finale was nothing short of spectacular. An explosion of confetti, lights, sound, a big swing and, um, toilet paper? You’ll just have to see it for yourselves instead 😉

Don’t miss Boom Boom in the House of Casa Blah Blah on until December 21st