Prove your humanity

It’s almost Christmas! The time for joy, celebration and, for some, the annual misadventure of a family gatho. With this in mind, it’s only appropriate that our beat of the week is Season’s Greetings by quirky Freo singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly.

Presented with Donnelly’s sarcastic and bold lyricism, the track from her debut EP Beware of the Dogs reflects on the ups and downs of family festivities. In the tune, you’ll hear a musical delight of jangly guitars, jovial drums and a fun sleigh bell solo.

I find in Donnelly’s each of songs there are always a few standout lines—in this case, I would suggest, “My mum’s still a punk and you’re still shit.”

Seasons Greetings was brought to life last month in a cute music video, exploring a chaotic family Christmas lunch in the sweltering Aussie heat.

With the NLMA International Live Achievement (Solo) Award, two WAM awards, a debut album and multiple tours this year, 2019 has been a big year for the Freo artist.

We wish her and all our readers a happy and safe festive season. Hopefully, it pans out better than the scenes of disarray in the song.