Prove your humanity

We’re wrapping up the week with Lust, a flowery indie-pop tune from Ali Flintoff’s solo project Denise le Menice.

Featuring synth-pop sounds, bright vocals and sparkly instrumentals, Lust is a shift from Flintoff’s punk-rock origins as the singer of local band BOAT SHOW.

With Lust released in September on the back of other Denise le Menice tracks like Stars, Heart and Addiction, Flintoff ditches grungy tones in favour of dreamy sounds that make you feel like you’re floating on a pool of glitter.

It’s a smooth listen with candid lyrics, likely relatable to many of our readers who like to go out, party and bump into a special someone.

Denise le Menice is one of many fantastic female Australian artists I’ve come across this year and a definite recommendation if you’re into the likes of Hatchie, Ali Barter and POPPONGENE, or just down for a glistening groove.