Prove your humanity

One of our own and good friend of mine, Darren Grant, has spent the last year globetrotting around Europe and, unbeknownst to many Grokians, pursuing a sequestered passion for song writing. Though we should have seen it coming from this wonderfully talented, somewhat mysterious individual, many were surprised when the debut single Maybe dropped just three days into the new decade.

I first met Darren during a presentation unit entering our final year of journalism studies and I won’t lie, like many in his presence I was utterly mesmerised by his mixed accent and vocal tone. When Darren came to me with his unreleased track I was curious to find out what his sound would be, and was not disappointed.

As well as a voice for song and a knack for overachieving everything, including his degree at lightning speed, it seems music is one of this man’s (not so) hidden talents. From this guy, one can always expect a brilliant narrative of evenings spent gallivanting in covert city corners. I guess it’s here where he made connections to the underground Perth music scene, and I’m sure many Perth locals would like to think where he drew his inspiration for the heartfelt ballad.

The opening bars of the track showcase Darren’s impeccably controlled vocals with a steady piano progression adding a melancholic tone to the song before building before the chorus. This happy-sad tune oozes nostalgia and regret as much as it is full of hope and faith in some greater universal plan.

Erring on the precipice of a life-altering decision, Maybe resonates with the inner conflict that is part of the human experience. We have all been at a crossroads somewhere along the way and that is the power of the lyrical composition of the song. Without being too specific it leaves the message open for listeners to make their own interpretations.