Prove your humanity

Indie rock quintet Almond Soy have been making a name for themselves over the past few years, with their first international shows in 2018 and another national tour in February for sophomore EP Under the Wait.

This week, we bring you the EP’s lead single, Coat. Coming out in November last year, the catchy summer song is the first of five Under the Wait tracks, with the full EP released in mid-January.

Winding synths, mid-tempo drumbeats and rousing guitar riffs take you to a comfortably upbeat and mildly eerie soundscape. I like how the different instruments and vocals complement each other, creating an atmospheric, carefree and rocky tone.

The Perth boys released a music video with the single, featuring suburban sceneries and a uniform of tucked-in tank tops and jeans.

As part of their upcoming national tour, Almond Soy are headlining at Badlands Bar on February 14.