Prove your humanity

Local indie pop producer and songwriter, Nic Rollo, gives us an eerie look into his music with latest release Monster

The single follows his debut EP What Happened to the Kid in 2019. Rollo taking the EDM-style beats and crunchy guitars ripe on the EP and heading towards introspection with them on the new track. 

With icy chords and crisp vocals, it sounds like Monster takes inspiration from the futuristic synths of M83, and the alluring energy of alt pop greats like Bastille and Halsey. Speaking about the release, Rollo describes it as a fantastic start to the year.

“I wrote the song over a year ago and have been sitting on it for what feels like forever now.  To date, it is probably my favourite song that I’ve written, and I’m super stoked to finally be able to share it with people.”

An accompanying music video directed by Alex Montanari and Matthew James sees a lone Rollo in character, exploring a dark, horror-esque setting with tyre tracks, night time roads and drawn-out shadows. Its isolating feel definitely compliments the song’s spooky vibe.

Monster is out now.