Prove your humanity

It’s only a few days before the we count down our top 100 songs of the decade on Saturday. With voting closed, all we can do now is listen to some of our favourite tracks, speculate and wait in anticipation of the epic countdown.

To help you through said anticipation, a few of our writers have been so kind to share the songs that topped their list. Enjoy!


‘Chameleon’ by PNAU

It’s honestly just the most perfect party song and I’ve had so many good moments while listening to it.

– Paris Doick (Art & Film Subeditor)


‘Work’ by Rihanna

I love this song. The tune is perfect, the lyrics undeniably catchy, and being a Creole girl who has always enjoyed this style of music I just couldn’t sit still whenever the song would come on. This song is also a perfect reminder that romantic relationships work both ways. You give, you take, you work for it, you forgive, you keep the love going.

– Rhonda Chapman (Student Life Subeditor)


‘State Of The Art’ by Gotye

It’s just so damn funky and experimental. I think it’s so essential that artists continually push boundaries, and being a creatively minded person myself, I find that song very stimulating and inspiring.

– Ella Wakeman (Writer)


‘Chateau’ by Angus and Julia Stone

It’s probably the only song I have listened to on repeat and never got sick of it.

– Bella Kitchen (Writer)


‘Claire de Lune’ by Flight Facilities

When a song can play over and over again without you getting the urge to reach for your phone and skip it, you know it’s transcended you to an otherworldly place. This is how I feel about this masterpiece.

– Kaelen Ruland (Writer)


‘Royals’ by Lorde

Twenty thirteen was the first time I got my very own music identity. Purchasing my first ever CD, a copy of Pure Heroine led by the bombastic genre defining single Royals. A song which for me defines the sound of pop throughout the 2010s with its slower tempo and catchy vocal delivery.

– Sam Mead (Writer, Photographer)


No top song

I haven’t got a top song. However, I’m not embarrassed, but proud of the fact that I love Dance Monkey.

– Emma Ruben (Writer)


The countdown kicks off this Saturday at 9am (WST) on Triple J online or through the app, and midday on your radio.