Prove your humanity

If you’re a Bush Chook aficionado who loves a bit of toasty local music, Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks’ latest release is the song for you.

Continuing their tradition of naming songs after culinary delights and beverages, the local Freo band last week released the appropriately titled Half Frozen Beer.

Beginning with a gentle acoustic intro under Jack’s warm vocals, the song explores hand-crafted lyrics, delving into poetic snippets of a chirpy, yet subtle, ode to a special someone.

Featuring pianos and wonky electric guitar parts, Half Frozen Beer is a folk track that radiates a comfortably uplifting mood, the way a hug from a loved one feels.

Listening to the track, I like the way it crescendos and fades out in what I can only describe as a collective consciousness of accordion, vocals and homely instrumentals.

If you’re in the mood, this is the song to crack open a few cold ones with some mates to, sit on the porch in the afternoon light and enjoy life a little.

Have a listen to Half Frozen Beer.