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In these strange times, it’s nice to have an uplifting tune to listen to. While many of you may be stuck inside for the near future, we bring you a song that might make isolation a tad more bearable: NAM GEE’s debut single Out There.

The local classical pianist and jazz drummer released the track on March 7, taking inspiration from classical, jazz and hip-hop music when making it.

 Speaking to Around the Sound, Gee discussed the song’s open-ended and uplifting meaning. Out There was a message internalized in my mind telling me to do something with my life,” he said.

“It was such a positive message that I wanted people to listen to it and be motivated to find the best versions of themselves.”

For those familiar with Broadway musical sensation, Hamilton, I can’t help imagining Out There as a jazzier version of one of its opening numbers. With an elevating tone, the track features smooth piano parts, musical-esque harmonies and even a bit of rap.

Listening to the song, there’s no doubting NAM GEE’s musical ability. It’s a genre-bending debut, for an artist with great potential.