Prove your humanity

With nine months since their last release, fans of up-and-coming locals Airline Food have been eagerly waiting for another unique track since last year’s single Find Yourself Tonight.

As a follow-up to last year’s dynamic ‘80s-themed track, the boys have delivered yet another genre-blending single with When I Was Young, released on April 21.

The reverb-soaked tune borrows sounds from dreamy ‘60s psychedelia, a hint of disco funk, and modern indie rock, all wrapped up in a nostalgic ‘80s sheen. While parts of the track feel a tad busy, these musicians have overall done a great job at hand picking influences to create a sonic cocktail of groove that feels very much alive.

Airline Food was one of the last bands I saw live before the COVID-19 restrictions kicked in, so it’s nice to be reminded of the vibrant world of music that will eventually make a comeback. It’s great to see so many musicians continuing to work hard and put out brand new tunes.

Until next week, enjoy the woozy charm of Airline Food’s new tune.