Prove your humanity

Emerging from the haze of another week in isolation, we bring you Safehouse, the latest single from local five-piece Demon Days.

An elegant listening experience, this buttery-smooth song is a testament to the band’s confident neo-soul sound. In the single I hear a simple but compelling mix of instruments; as giddy synths and soft bossa nova drums slide beneath a layer of eclectic vocals.

Reflecting on the track’s lyrics, vocalist Bella Nicholls explains the deeper meaning behind the song:

‘When hearts are on the table, a person’s own inner turmoil can force them to abuse the love of others. The result of which, can leave you feeling like the whole experience was fraudulent. But, I like to think, with that comes a silver lining of growth upon reflection. This song marks an important time in my life, the first where I had to really show great strength and resilience.’

At its essence, Safehouse is a stylish breakup song, originally written in 2017 and re-worked time and time again to eventuate in the final release. It’s refined, it feels like the kind of sound you listen to while sitting at a glossy marble table over a glass of red wine, and its lyrics are honestly introspective.

Check out the track below.