Prove your humanity

Since the Star Wars films came out, there has never been a time like this. In the midst of such an unprecedented pandemic, maybe it’s time to look to an unconventional figure for advice.

Kylo Ren has been through a lot in his short life. From the time his uncle tried to kill him to when he was manipulated by Supreme Leader Snoke, he’s been through it all. So, what would the galaxy’s most conflicted villain do in these confusing times when there’s no way to know when life would be back to ‘normal’?

Wear all black

Kylo Ren’s prefered colour isn’t a random choice. Black is a clear statement that he’s angry at the world. So, what better time to join him in on the dark side than now?

No one’s going out much anyway, so why not embrace the darkness inside… your wardrobe?

Wear everything black. Black shirt. Black shoes. Black socks. Black pants.

There’s no wrong choice as black goes with everything.

Black also conveniently hides any stains caused by all that food you’re eating.

Kill your illusions about the past

As Kylo once told Rey, in order to reach your fullest potential and find peace, you need to kill (metaphorically) any nostalgia you harbour for the past. This virus has changed the world forever and it’s time to stop dwelling on that if you want to move on.

As you do this, go ahead and chuck away any illusions of what you could’ve been doing right now if things were ‘normal’. There’s a new normal now and if you wish away this time, you may look back and realise there was a quaint charm in all those Zoom calls and extra family time that you missed.

Keep your distance

Even when not living through a pandemic, Kylo always prefers to stay at least two metres from anyone. So, consider living like Kylo and go solo… at least temporarily. Perhaps pick up a hobby like baking, gardening or Kylo’s favourite: calligraphy (true story, look it up!).

Work through your anger with exercise

Kylo is no stranger to slashing up the walls of cells or fancy spaceship control panels when life gets a bit much for him. If you don’t have a lightsaber lying around, consider taking out your frustrations on a punching bag or on a long run instead. Listen to some hardcore rock or rap (as Kylo surely does 24/7) to increase the intensity of the workout.

Wear a mask

The reason for Kylo’s mask has always been a lot more ambiguous than Vader’s, whose face was literally burnt off. While Vader is trying to hide his disfigured face, it appears that Kylo uses a mask to hide his emotions from the world. Although it has not been recommended in Australia to wear a mask to protect yourself from coronavirus, take this opportunity to hide your frustrations from others. Kylo would want you to.

Video-call your mates (or an enemy you have a crush on)

Kylo’s Skype chats with Rey show the importance of simply talking to someone. If you’re feeling lonely, take this as an opportunity to deepen your connections with your friends. Or make the leap and reach out to that special someone you can’t stop thinking about. Someone other than your ex! A pandemic is not an excuse to call your ex.

Ask them the tough questions such as why they killed their father (joking), and remember to really listen to their answers in order to understand your friend better. Lastly, as Kylo reminded Rey, remind your friends that they’re not alone even in these crazy times.

This year has been a time of unprecedented chaos and darkness, but I would ask you to consider the words of Vice Admiral Holdo:

“Hope is like the sun. If you only believe in it when you can see it, you’ll never make it through the night.”


And may the force be with you.