Prove your humanity

Dancing and swaying through our ears, the romantic and elegant songwriting duo The Money War proves to us that there’s still a lot of good going on in the world with their new dreamy indie pop single Lifetime.

With soothing vocals that go along with a cruising bass line, The Money War orchestrates a cohesive and easy listening track that showcases itself as your go-to, feel-good song. The thought of travelling is far from reality, but with a windows-down road trip vibe that incorporates shades of Fleetwood Mac, Dylan and Carmen offer us the opportunity to sit back, listen, and dream.

Speaking about the new release, Dylan Ollivierre, co-songwriter and producer, reflects on the song’s deeper meaning.

“Lifetime is about reaching a milestone and taking stock of your life, comparing the reality to your expectations. As we began writing for a new album, we found out we were having a baby. Naturally our worlds were filled with extreme emotions and that’s what came through in the music,” he explains.

The couple’s success has seen them amass over a million streams and multiple playlist adds on Spotify and securing airplay on radio stations across the globe. The duo emit an optimistic and warm energy that is down to earth and relatable which allows their audience to hold a deeper connection and resonate with.