Prove your humanity

The familiar red, yellow and blue brick façade of Mojos Bar in Fremantle warmly greets me like an old friend after a long time separated. COVID-19 restrictions have kept us safely apart, but it’s left WA residents eager for the chance to dance and sing the night away again at live music events.

Death by Denim has answered our prayers, delivering us with a hair-whipping, foot-tapping, belter of a live music show at the intimate venue.

After bursting into the music scene in 2016, Death by Denim have been impressing audiences with their smooth blend of timeless synths, honeyed vocals, and killer guitar sets. More recently, their plans for a post-lockdown WA tour have been met with fierce excitement from fans. Supported by Perth rock band Stapleton and indie-rock trio Moth, the best of new local talent was on display.

Split into two shows to comply with restrictions, Moth kicked off the late show to a crowd of eager faces spread around the shadowy space. Commencing with a sizzling guitar riff on Pilot, their set impressed with nostalgic lyrics and compelling acoustics. Crowds were singing and swaying along to the band’s simple, yet unique sound. With help from a special guest, the catchy No More TV closed out their set to heartfelt cheers.

Strolling onto the stage with an air of casual confidence, Death by Denim assumed rock star status as the crowd gave a spirited roar. No glamour was needed, with their talent capturing the undivided attention of every person in the building as they strummed the opening notes for Homemade. The perfect song to soundtrack a lazy summer afternoon.

Powering through Jump to Mars, the band thrilled audiences with their new release, Out of Habit. Arguably their best release yet for 2020, the laid back attitude of the song hints towards a new refined direction for the band, offering audiences a tantalising taste from their much-anticipated upcoming album.

Encouraging the crowd to pitch in during Cigarettes and Honey, their formidable on-stage presence and high-energy performances were riling up an electrified audience. As the distinctive strumming of Wiggy cut across the venue, the reality that the evening was almost at a close seemed to hit everyone at once. Desperate pleas for more followed the band as they gave one last cheer and launched off stage. As the anticipation bubbled up, they plunged back on stage to gift audiences with their cheeky and fiery single, Death By Denim.

It was a memorable night for all, and the months spent on the couch waiting were well worth it.