Prove your humanity

Freo four-piece Haircare is out with their debut EP HAIRXARE this week, and there’s nothing like Sorry That I’ve Made You Feel This Way to get you in the mood for a little boogie. 

It’s the fourth of five tracks on release and, opening with a fuzzed-out riff sliding atop a bubbly drumbeat, the most upbeat song on the EP. Taking elements from lo-fi shoegaze and alt-rock, it’s a track that sounds distinctly Haircare.

Consistent with their other songs, the new tune presents listeners with a jungle of curious sounds. Always engaging. Never stale, with zippy synth lines, splashes of falsetto, and tightly packed diverse sounds ranging from claps to cheeky guitar melodies. While apologetic in nature, it’s perfect for some feel-good listening to wrap up the weekend.

Since releasing their debut track in 2018, Haircare has opened for some big contemporary names like Aldous Harding, Ali Barter, Stella Donnelly, and San Cisco. And, for anyone interested, they’ll be hitting the stage again for their EP launch next Saturday at Barbes Bar.

The band is quirky, offbeat and always offers a burst of fresh air with their music. Give Sorry That I’ve Made You Feel This Way and the HAIRXARE EP a listen – you’re in for a treat.