Prove your humanity

Voting closes in less than two hours. Given that it’s the last chance to vote, we wanted to quickly talk about who is actually running in these elections and give you a quick overview of their policies and stances.

There are four parties involved in the Guild elections. Two new parties, and two familiar ones. Left Action and Illuminate have been around campus for a while, and have formed part of the Guild for the last few years. The two new parties are Progress and Flat Curtin, this years ‘joke-ticket’ party.

Left Action “sees the Guild’s role as an activist body that can and should defend students’ rights”. They believe in a strong and vocal student body to “fight back against the double onslaught coming from the Curtin administration and Liberal government”. Closely linked with Socialist Alternative, they strongly fight for increased funding from the Guild into student activism.

Illuminate has been deeply engrained in Curtin’s Guild for the last five years, and being “independent of national organisations”, describes itself as a “progressive, and passionate group of students”. Their policies platform can be found here.

Progress claims to be “committed to fighting cuts and attacks on students” and has advocated a desire to “advocate for a larger amount of student money to be spent on providing quality mental health services on campus available to all students”. In addition, they “plan to establish a Welfare Vice-President” to be the first point of contact for student welfare.

Flat Curtin, endorsed by last year’s ‘Luke Party’, strongly advocates that “Curtin is too building-y” and should be flat. Asking students the questions: “What if it was flat? No, but what if it was flat? No dude but like think about it, what if it was flat? No man you’re not listening to me, what if it was flat?”

Get your votes in by 4pm at Club HQ, building 106