Prove your humanity

Fall in love with Carla Geneve’s latest release, The Right Reasons

Featuring her signature achingly sweet vocals and candid lyrics, the track is a beautiful blend of honesty and emotion that builds to a cathartic crescendo. The easy guitar rhythm sweeps audiences away, reaffirming Geneve’s status as Perth’s local storyteller. 

The deeply personal song explores mental health and the impacts of depression. 

“This song is pretty straight up. I wanted to shine a bright light on some of my darkest experiences because it makes sense to me that radical vulnerability could be the first step to radical self-acceptance. And without self-acceptance, I feel it’s very difficult to build profound and meaningful connections with those around you.”

The accompanying video made by Duncan Wright offers an intimate look into Geneve’s headspace. 

“I’m still in my pj’s and the guys and I just sat around and played while Dunc filmed. It felt really right for the track.”

The Albany-born and Perth-based indie singer/songwriter releases The Right Reasons off the back of Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover in anticipation of her debut full-length album in 2021. 

You can experience The Right Reasons live at Barbes in Perth on October 24 for the single launch.