Prove your humanity

The Fringe season is upon us yet again, and after the rubbish tip that was 2020, Perth folks have a lot to celebrate. The annual migration of some of the best comedians on offer has Perth residents spoilt for choice, and on Wednesday night The Laugh Resort offered up a tasting platter of some of the most exciting acts of the upcoming festival. The proverbial morsels of comedy spell great things for 2021’s Fringe, but with so many acts on offer, how is one to choose? Fear not! GROK readers, I have got your round-up of the most exciting (and hilarious) acts to check out this Fringe. 

Jon Bennett—Jon has returned from touring overseas and brought with him three shows for Perth Fringe. Playing With Men at The Laugh Resort, How I Learned To Hug at The Rechabite Hall, and Jon Bennett: Jon Bennett at Perth Girls School are all on offer by this comedian who played emcee at The Laugh Resort’s opening night. Jon’s observational comedy style and storytelling will leave you laughing until you cry, and desperate to check out all he has on offer this Fringe. 


Zeppo—this mononymous rising star of Perth’s comedy scene is carving out a place for himself in the wilderness that is Fringe. Toted as “the wokest show of Fringe” (his words, not mine), Zeppo hosts Toxic Millenniality, and if his five minute bit at The Laugh Resort was any indication of this set, tickets to this show will be the best $10 you spend all Fringe. 


Alissia Marsh—move over Ellen Degeneres, the lesbians have a new king (in her own words). Frequent visitors to Lazy Susan’s and the Fremantle Comedy Den will recognise Alissia’s sharp wit and interesting hands (just trust me), and will most likely already have their tickets booked to see her show, King of the Lesbians. Run, don’t walk, to book yours. 


Takashi Wakasugi—a very welcome arrival to Perth Fringe, Takashi Wakasugi’s charm and whip-smart humour is enough to cancel out his ruthless take-down of Australia (and just about every backpacker who has stepped onto an Aussie farm). His show, Farm Backpacker, is funny, cynical, and will have you crying with laughter even after you realise that everything he says about Aussie culture is true. 


There you have it folks! The comedy acts that you absolutely have to check out this Fringe. We are exceptionally lucky in Perth to have Fringe, so get out there and support as many acts as you possibly can. Because Lord knows, after 2020, we all need a laugh or two!